Friday, 4 November 2011

No such thing as a free lunch?

Well, there's certainly no such a thing as a free (full English) breakfast either, as we found out on our first ever visit to the shiny new Tilley Stone. With the fryers broken, no veggie sausages, no alternatives and no warning (as we were greeted at the door) of the low stock levels for just about everything, we were sorely disappointed with our opening (complimentary) meal offers for Gateshead's very own Wetherspoon pub.

Meals (and venue, generally) aside this Sunday brunch was by far one of the best breakfast outings in a long time having spent it in the company of the lovely Mel and Charlie, who were only just back in Blighty after a year of living in New Zealand. It was very nice to have them temporarily 'home' before they set of for their new ventures in Scotland. 


Dear J D Wetherspoon,

Please note for future reference. You cannot make up for hash browns, sausages and fried eggs with an excessive amount of butter in the mushrooms.

Thank you.

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