Monday, 3 October 2011

Blue Monday

Ha! Caught the 3 October. Just. Now to write something.

Monday. The start of the working week. Thankfully hasn't hindered the birthday excess - a trip to the Tyneside with two of my oldest chums, Ms Kurc and Mr Astley saw to that...

Today I ticked off item 14 and repeated item 19 (there'll be a lot of repeating item 19). The film, a cheery little number by notoriously upbeat Von Trier had us in stitches. Melancholia was beautiful - captivating from the first scene and thankfully much less harrowing than his other films. The soundtrack and visuals reminded me of The Feast of Trimalchio by AES+F. I could write about this film lots (I have and then deleted it. Then wrote something else. Then deleted.) but I won't as I'm no film critic (despite a degree in it) and more importantly, it's late and I'm meeting a friend for an early pre-work coffee so will need to be up first thing. Whispers in the office today suggest Day 4 may involve a trip to the Turkish Baths *or* a dance class.  No need to decide now though - time to get some sleep, which hopefully won't involve dreams of fast approaching blue planets or Beethoven.

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