Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What's the plan, Stan?

All major celebrations have been on hold today. For two very important reasons. Firstly, I have been scheming for an exciting 'getting chums together for good times' event plan* (see, I told you item 19 was going to get a few shouts) and secondly I've been tidying. Now, although tidying may sound like a rather dull thing to include in my blog about exciting birthday frivolities, tonight's tidy session has been a very important one. For those that know me (I'm guessing that most folks reading this do) you'll know that my toyboy** is currently located a few thousand miles away, working hard to become a primary school teacher and that he's due back at the at the end of the week. It'll be almost a month since we saw each other in person and nearly six weeks since he left our little north eastern home for the warmer climes of southern Spain. Well, the tidy up's for you, J.


It's not that there hasn't been some 30turning30 highlights today, as there have, like tea and teacakes and a mini shopping trip with Ms Katia Stewart (and a new dress purchase, but shhh, let's not mention that on skype tonight. It was in the sale). And anyway, it's not all about the big things. The little things can be just as happy-making.

*more on this later - it's going to be good (I hope).
**this is typed with some sarcasm JMD - don't kid yourself, you're fast catching up.

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