Saturday, 1 October 2011

Happy October Everyone!

It's here, the count down to my turning 30, the big 3-0, three zero, thirty.  

I'm officially (almost) a grown up. It's a biggy and anyone who knows me knows I'm just a tad age sensitive*. So, to see it through and keep smiling I'm going to totally over indulge. I'm going to do something, for me, everyday, no matter how big or small, indulging in 30 celebrations throughout October and this wee, time limited, blog is going document the whole greedy process. 

Today is October 1st, a Saturday, which means I get to spend the whole day doing nice things. Which is, of course, exactly what I've done :) 

First off a trip to the hairdressers. A colour, massage and a manicure later, I am a different woman. A telephone call to my most dearest friend and within the hour we're having an impromptu lunch and planning the big thirtyturningthirty. Now, although I've known I've wanted to do the thirtyturningthirty project for quite some while now, distractions all over the place mean I've been a bit pathetic with the planning. I have a long list of things I *want* to do but there's no plan. None. Whatsoever. Which adds a new dimension to the project, a strategy if you please, of having to do the whole thing a bit spontaneously. The draft list looks like this...

1 Pyjama party and 24hr filmathon
2 Mad Men evening
3 Spa day
4 Afternoon tea
5 Manicure
6 Come as you are dinner party - informal, bring a dish optional
7 Murder mystery
8 Picnic at Beamish
9 A gig
10 Sewing party
11 Baking party
12 Drawing party
13 Bike ride
14 Cinema trip
15 Karaoke party
16 Pizza party
17 Shopping trip
18 Girly night out
19 Gathering of chums for good times
20 Board game night
21 Trip to the seaside
22 Star gazing at Kielder
23 Victoria tunnel
24 Trip to the theatre
25 Cheese and port night
26 Holiday
27 Afternoon roller skating
28 Bowling
29 Halloween mask making
30 James Bond themed night at a very cheap and nasty casino

Tea and cheese on toast with the wonderful Mr Astley, and only hours into the task I have already ticked off item 5, put out a call for item 18 (for tonight) and set a date with a venue for item 19. We're on a update tomorrow.

*not helped by a certain toyboy who has, since we met 8 years ago, promised, every birthday, to send me a With Sympathy card when I hit 30.

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